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GSD PHILOSOPHY: As the operator of a business, big or small, you have a number of services available to you on a fractional basis (Legal, Financial, etc.). Why not have the same option for other spots in the C-Suite? THE GSD TEAM: GSD is a network of seasoned entrepreneurs and consumer products executives. SERVICES OFFERED: CEO: Many CEOs live in a vacuum. GSD will not replace your existing CEO but help guide the key decisions every CEO makes. CMO: From the overall strategy to implementing the tactics, proper marketing is essential to every business. GSD can lead these efforts. CRO: All companies require revenue. From major retailers to international distributors to Amazon, GSD has a sales solution. Founder: Often, the founder is juggling all of these other roles. Sometimes you just need to lean on a fellow founder. COO: The actual operations of your company are critical, and commonly overlooked by founders. These activities can range from staff to office supp


Welcome to the new home of Golden Strategic Development LLC. Have you ever felt like you wished you could duplicate yourself in some part of your company?  Wish you had a GSD person to just take over a project, or a sales pipeline, or someone who had a Rolodex and ability to sell at your level. But no one seems to get it, or is tasked with other work, or is just not the right fit? Consider bringing GSD in for a time. Give us that enterprise project ….