As the operator of a business, big or small, you have a number of services available to you on a fractional basis (Legal, Financial, etc.). Why not have the same option for other spots in the C-Suite?

GSD is a network of seasoned entrepreneurs and consumer products executives.

  • CEO: Many CEOs live in a vacuum. GSD will not replace your existing CEO but help guide the key decisions every CEO makes.
  • CMO: From the overall strategy to implementing the tactics, proper marketing is essential to every business. GSD can lead these efforts.
  • CRO: All companies require revenue. From major retailers to international distributors to Amazon, GSD has a sales solution.
  • Founder: Often, the founder is juggling all of these other roles. Sometimes you just need to lean on a fellow founder.
  • COO: The actual operations of your company are critical, and commonly overlooked by founders. These activities can range from staff to office supplies, freight to technology. Leave those tasks to GSD.
  • CSO: Sometimes strategy is lost in the tactical or in the functions of running a business. Let us help shape and guide the key strategies.


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